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  • Is your marriage causing you pain, worry, or frustration?
  • Are you feeling more emotionally distant every month?
  • Do you wish you could feel closer and more connected?

If you are not happy with your marriage, you are not alone.  But there is hope,
damaged relationships can be repaired.

Millions of couples experience:

  • Longing for more affection
  • Living more like roommates
  • Frequent arguments that get you nowhere
  • Disconnected, hardly communicating or spending time together
  • Functioning as parents, but not as a couple

But what most couples don’t know is that there are 10 specific actions that can help you repair and restore an ailing relationship.

My name is Don Wallach, and my purpose is to help couples have happy and healthy relationships.  That’s why I have worked with couples for over 20 years, offering Marriage Therapy and Couples Counseling, to restore the love and desire in their marriages.  I want to help you too, and have written a short report called “10 Simple Ways to Revitalize your Marriage”, and I’d like to give it you as a gift.

This valuable report will reveal:

  • A simple action you can take that all the happiest couples practice
  • Two communication skills that work to improve listening between spouses
  • Actions you can take to repair damage to your relationship
  • Some tricks to manage yourself, so you don’t make things worse

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“The time we spent with Don was very helpful and had a lasting effect. My relationship with my wife has improved so much that lately I would say that our marriage is about as good as I could hope for a marriage to be. Don is gifted at what he does and his sense of humor is a surprisingly strong component of how he makes things work in that setting. I would recommend Don to anyone who is struggling in their marriage.”

R.G., Marin County, CA

You’ve helped me learn how to think about and view situations in my relationship in a new and different way. You were helpful in saying that it’s normal to do what you’re doing, that many couples are doing this, and then I was more able to hear the specific suggestions of things we could do differently – to get better results. Your explaining things in laymen’s terms, and then having something to practice at home, was helpful. The knowledge you gave us, with practice turned into wisdom. The role playing was very helpful. We could see it work in the room, and I would say to myself, “This works..I’ll do more of that.”


I used to judge myself and my husband, when his mood was down. I’d tell him to take care of all his responsibilities with no compassion for what he was going through. With your help, when he is feeling down, I can now see that with more compassion and understanding. And I give him space and room to recover at his own pace.


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