For Single Men

There are many excellent sources on the internet for improving your dating skills.  No matter what your skill level is, you can dramatically improve your success if you learn some new ways of approaching and interacting with women.

Please be aware: for the most part, these are not psychotherapists, but are experts at learning new social skills, and some of them are also internet marketers.  You may want to follow them on Facebook or Twitter, when these options are available, to get additional information about meeting and dating women.

To Meet Women More Successfully:

Many of the sites that I previously listed here are no longer recommended, and I have removed those links.  I am in the process of finding some new recommendations for you.  In the meantime, you will find some limited but suggested recommendations below.

There are many sources on the internet to learn new social skills that will make you more effective at meeting and talking with women.  These are techniques that can increase the level of attraction you create by your behavior and body language.  For many women, attraction is not nearly so much about physical appearance, and much more about behavior, body language and voice tone.

Understanding Women: For any man who wants to improve their relating to women, I recommend David Deida’s book “The Way of the Superior Man”.  This book is for any man who wants to clarify his purpose in the world and his relationship to women.  It is an amazing book and great resource for men to develop their identity in the masculine realm. You can find out more about it or order it by clicking on the title: The Way Of The Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Woman, Work, and Sexual Desire.

Meeting Women and Developing Sexual Skills: If you are wanting to develop more attraction with women, more confidence or more sexual skills with the women you are dating, or planning to date, you may want to study with Alex Allman. He’s got some great information products, available online. You may want to check out his programs: Alex Allman – Live, Love, Passions.

Dating issues:

If you are confused about what is going on in your dating relationship. Perhaps you see these dynamics happening: you get emotionally close, then you get distant, the relationship gets stuck and committment seems hard to get to. If this is happening, then you may get some help from the book A Fine Romance: The Passage of Courtship from Meeting to Marriage, written by Judith Sills, a therapist who specializes in dating relationships. Especially read the chapter called “The Switch”.

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