Burnout: Prevention and Recovery

Are you overloaded with stress? Feeling worn out, tired and overloaded by all the things you need to do? Taught by a therapist, this class offers strategies to reduce tension, creative a better work-life balance and learn the mental and emotional techniques to help...

Positive Partner Communication

For both husbands and wives and significant others, this class teaches how to create a happier more emotionally connected relationship.  You will learn skills to communicate better and strategies to help your partner understand you, and to help you understand your...
Apologies that Work: “The Reparative Apology”

Apologies that Work: “The Reparative Apology”

Why Apologies do not always work.  Apologies do not always work so well, at repairing damaged relationships for a reason.  The reason is this – that many people have a misunderstanding of what an apology is and what it is for.  And many people avoid offering...
Managing Your Experience of Depression

Managing Your Experience of Depression

Managing Your Experience of Depression. At one time or another, everybody has felt  “down”, low spirits, or at least a mild temporary hint of depression.  Some know the deeper pain of a strong depression.  For either situation, the things you do can have an influence...

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